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Household Bank & Orchard Bank MasterCard®

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     Ultimate Advertising System.   Create Solid Online Profits For Free.

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The Ultimate Advertising System

is ........ Word to Eye Marketing!

What does this mean?  We have all heard that word of mouth advertising is the most powerful form of advertising in the world.  On the internet, repeat exposure and site recognition is just as powerful.  The more you are seen, the more you are known.   Site and name recognition, are accomplished by repeat exposure.  If you have little or no advertising budget then you need to implement this free system.  Get thousands of visitors to your site and start making money.  This system, when triggered using properly optimized web pages in search engines, or by pay per click search engines, will give you the exposure you need to succeed online.

Be sure to to add the ultimate advertising system to your favorites.

This system has brought over 3 million hits to our web site and can do the same for you.  See our counter below.  Get started today.  This system uses 2 simple scripts that are cut and paste and a 3 frame page.  Start by following the instructions below.  The instructions below contain links to example pages that will open up in a new browser to help you as you set-up the Ultimate Advertising System.

Note:  Since most banner exchanges prohibit webmasters from placing their banners in a banner rotation script, the following steps are for an easy work around using simple Java Scripts and a 3 frame page with one hidden frame in the middle for launching the pop-under and exit exchanges , and the top or bottom frame to utilize all of the banner exchanges at one time.

Note:  The 3 frame page contains a body command that will cause it to load under your current page so that it does not annoy your visitors.  To view the page go to your taskbar below and click on the browser page that says "Free Cell Phones, Free Satellite Dish and Receiver, Free Online Advertising Methods" and hold your pointer down on it for 3 seconds and then release.  This will bring the 3 frame page to the front for viewing.

Now that you have read these notes you are ready to begin.

The links below will open up in a new browser window to help you understand the process.

Step 1:  Create a new page that will host the script for each banner exchange and give each page a unique title.  The title should contain a few good keywords that will also appear on the page.  Place the banner code the exchange gives you near the top of the page in the top 100 pixels.  Fill in the rest of the page with an advertisement about your products or services.  You will use this page as an optimized doorway page to submit to the search engines once you are done setting up the advertising system. 

Step 2: Create a new page for each pop-under and exit exchange and place the code in those pages where the exchange tells you to.  Give each page a unique title using keywords that will be found in the text of your page.

Options:  You may fill in the rest of the page with an advertisement about your products or services.  You can also use these pages as an optimized doorway pages to submit to the search engines once you are done setting up the advertising system.  Click Here for an Example Or you may choose to put a random page script in these pages to push advertisements for your own products or affiliate sites that you are a member of.  Click Here for an Example

Step 3:  Create a 3 frame page containing a bottom frame, top frame, and middle frame.  Now, the top or bottom frame where the banners will load (you decide) must measure at least 100 pixels to accommodate larger banners.  Next, place the random page script within the frame which will load your banners (top or bottom frame).  Add the URL's of the banner pages you created to that random page script so that a different banner loads with each new visitor.  Next, fill in the remaining frame page (top or bottom) with any advertisements and links you choose.  Leave the middle frame blank for now.

Step 4:  Now, take the middle frame of the 3 frame page you just created and set the size of the middle frame to zero pixels or percent.  You want the contents of this frame hidden.  Next, put a pop-under page script in that middle frame and point the URL of this script to a new page containing only the random page script.  Create this new page now and add the random page script.  Name the page "pop_under_rotator.html" and save it.  Next, add the URL's of the pop-under and exit exchange pages you created earlier to this random page script.

Now, whenever the 3 frame page is loaded and the "hidden" pop-under page script in the middle frame calls on the random page script, a random pop-under or exit exchange loads under the 3 frame page and the page the visitor entered your site through.  This will give you a total of 2 pop-under pages under the page the visitor entered your site through.

Step 5:  Put a pop-under page script on each of your high traffic pages.  Point the URL to the 3 frame page you just created.  Now you are using all the banner exchanges and all of the pop-under and exit exchanges contained within our Ultimate Advertising Directory!  You can add more exit exchange and banner exchange URL's to your scripts later as you find them.  Be sure to use the banner pages you created as the URL to send visitors to when signing up for the banner exchanges or the exchanges may not let you participate due to pop-ups on the other pages.

Step 6:  Sign-up for all of the start page exchanges and point each one of the start page exchanges to a different banner page you just created.  Do not point the start page exchanges to a page with a pop-under page script or you will be disqualified for having pop-unders.  If the exchange allows pop-unders, which many do, then by all means direct the start page exchange to one of you main pages that contains the pop-under page script.  This is what we call a liberal start page exchange and will give you the best exposure.  The rules change with the exchanges all the time so be sure to check the terms before listing your URL with the start page exchange.  Check with each start page exchange when signing up to see if they allow pop-unders.

If the start page exchange does not allow pop-unders then the key is to give the visitor just enough information about your products or services on the banner page advertisement to make them click the link to the next page which does contain the pop-under page script. Click Here for an Example .  This way you at least get a total of 3 banner exposures by the time they reach your main page. One from the banner page, one from the main page which contains the pop-under script, and one when the 3 frame page loads under the main page.  And if you think about it you are actually getting 4 banner exposures because you are going to get another one when your page shows up in the exit exchange on someone else's site somewhere in the USA or the World for that matter.  An endless loop.

Tip:  Many of the participants of the pop-under and exit exchanges have nasty pop-up pages that launch on top of your page.  This can irritate your visitors and make them leave.  To combat this 97% of the time, you may want to add the following command to your body tag on the pages you add the pop-under page script to.  This helps your parent page to stay on top while loading.


Tip:  We also recommend that you add the following commands to the body tag of the pop-under exchange pages and the frame page you created to help them stay under the page you loaded them from.

onLoad="self.blur()" onFocus="window.blur()"

Step 7:  Using the banner exchange pages and exit exchange pages (if you opted to use them as doorway pages) you created and give each page a unique set of keywords in the  META Tags and description tags include the keywords you used in your title, META Tags, and description tags in the body of your page.  Make each page unique and slightly different from each other.  Then submit these pages to the search engines as optimized doorway pages.  Since each page is different they should index them just fine without penalizing you.  This way you get even more exposures from search engine visitors activating your free advertising system.  The links within your banner pages should point to one of your high traffic pages containing the pop-under page script.

Step 8:  This step is not really a step to this program but a suggestion that can help you make this system work even harder.  Spend some time learning how to optimize your pages for the search engines.  When you do this properly, the search engines alone can jump start your advertising system by sending hundreds of qualified visitors to your site.  This combined with a couple hours a day using the start page exchanges to jump start the advertising program will really get your counter flying!

Step 9:  Study our pages until you get it!  Enter our site through the main page and watch the pages that load up under our main page.  (Clear your cookies each time or the pop-unders will not load)  Click Here to study.

By following the steps above you will see a dramatic increase in traffic to your site.   The concept is simple.  For example:  A visitor enters your site through a search engine, email link, or from a start page exchange.  What happens next is your pop-under script loads the frame page containing the banner exchange and the pop-under or exit exchange.  You then get a banner exchange on another site somewhere on the net and you get a pop-under exchange.  Guess what happens when a visitor clicks on the banner or pop-under from another site?  You create an almost endless loop of traffic from visitors activating your exchanges.  With a little promotion of the start page exchanges and good search engine optimization of your pages, you will have hundreds or thousands of other webmasters and visitors helping you to earn free credits making your hits grow daily.  Within just 8 months from the time we launched this self propelled system we went from 100 unique visitors a day to over 700 a day at present.   We get about 1500 to 2200 page views a day from those visitors.  Traffic continues to grow at about 10% per month.  Don't delay, get started today!


Random Page Script:

Change the URL's in the following script to your banner pages and paste the entire script into the top or bottom or your frame page where you want the banner to load.

Pop-Under Page Script:

Change the URL of the following script to point to the frame page you created and then place it on your high traffic pages.  By doing this your frame page will load up and a different banner exchange will appear each time a visitor enters or returns to your site.  Note:  This script is set to only load once per browser session so even if your visitor goes to another page with this script on it, it will not load again.  This way your visitor does not get angry at you for having what we call "pop-ups spawned from hell."  I am sure you have visited a page like that in the past.  Annoying isn't it?

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